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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

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Tarot, tattoos, belly-dancing, kayaking, writing that first novel and having it published – all that and more after I turned forty. That’s my fantasy and I’m sticking to it. I deeply believe that to dream is to live. Imagine yourself in a place, and you will turn around to find yourself there. It is magic. Magic is changing yourself into whatever you want to be:  I wanted to be a writer, a belly-dancer, a kayaker, I wanted to teach Tarot cards, I wanted to understand astrology, and I wanted a tattoo. Now I have 14 and I'm considering what will be my 15th. They are addictive, but even more so, they represent many important events in my life - they all tell a story.

I am married to an incredible man (see the dedication to him in the front of my book – it’s all true). Didn’t think that would happen either, but it did when I was closer to forty than thirty. Between us we have four great kids and five fabulous grandkids, all of which seems like a dream because life is a fast-moving river.

I love mythology. I am captivated by the old stories and always have been. What if they are true? What if there are goddesses and gods and water nymphs and tree sprites, elves and fairies and giant serpents that circle the earth? (I'm pretty sure there IS!) It was from this thought process that Immortal Journey: The Death of Innocence was born.

What if? Yes, what if…

I spent long years soul searching, working on who I really am and what I really want my life to stand for. Years of grueling work in the trenches of my own mind. Years of identifying with the elements (air, fire, water, earth), companionship with deities, exploring archetypes, talking to those wood nymphs and centaurs…sound crazy? It wasn’t. It was expansion of the soul and once I was through it, I was finally able to write with the depth that I wanted. I was astonished and sometimes disbelieving of the things that came out of my fingers and onto the page.

This question always surfaces when I least expect it: Why did it take so long?

There are brilliant writers who are far younger than I am, why did it take me so long? Did I waste that time? Guess not, if it got me where I am today.

I’m happy here, in the fantasy lane.

Oh, and my friends call me Ruthie.

Immortal Journey, Volume 1
The Death of Innocence

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Niala, a beautiful and ageless priestess of Gaea (Earth), is caught in monumental battles between Love and War, between the desire to be mortal and the dawning knowledge she is not.

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Immortal Journey, Vol 2: The Rise of Rebellion



Ruth Souther, Author of the Immortal Journey series