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I Will Not Wear Black

Today, I will not wear black, even though I mourn.
Not today, though tradition, and a reflection of our grief.
When words fail and we cannot speak,
All that’s left is what we see.
But today, I choose to wear a different color,
Something that says I celebrate
The life that was and all the life that will be.

I wager that everyone in this room
knew my mother in one way or another.
She was the best wife, mother, and grandmother
A great friend and neighbor,
Handing out hugs like candy canes
Always caring, always sharing
Even to a stranger.

She passed down from one generation
To another, the greatest gift of gab.
It shows, even in the littlest ones.
She knew everyone and gave without thought.
Her life was all about the way she felt,
and her love and pride in all of us.

We will miss her and mourn her,
We will always love her and we
will never forget her, but she was
About the colors of the rainbow,
Light and laughter and joy,
The pot of gold for all to share.

That was who my mother was,
Not without fault, but certainly far above.
A woman well loved by all who knew her,
And that is why I will not wear black today.

By Ruth A. Souther

Call Home The Fire

Fearful spirit, crying

mad ramblings of man

poison causing pain

beaten down, no praise.

Steps away from crazed

shadowed by the moon

thoughts of suicide

murder for no reason.

What of those left behind

to grieve and cry

to mourn one who took

a coward’s way out.

Face the light, make peace

let it guide to strength

Call home the fire

For there is still life.

By Ruth A. Souther - 1991


Cosmic Gate

There you were, my celestial twin,

behold, a resplendent friend,

so very much the same as I.

At first glance, a knowing smile,

Shared secrets without a word,

Private laughter understood.

No universal trick, this meeting.

I've known you forever. Incarnate,

before our birth, beyond the cosmic gate.

I followed you into this mortal life,

although it may not have been my time,

when you left, I was right behind.

By Ruth A. Souther - 1991

To Jeni

Thirteen, a number

teenager, adolescent,  young woman

These words become a picture painted

just for you,  my wish, erase that page

allow no formula

Trust yourself, know your path

treasure your instincts,  sense your purpose

see clearly your life’s design

Take this symbol, the chalice

empty and waiting

fill it, overflow it with joy

unlimited possibilities


By Ruth A. Souther - 1995

Ruth Souther, Author of the Immortal Journey series