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Beggars Lantern

The streets are trashed with ignorance,

the lamps shot out by intolerance.

It’s dark, I’m scared.

I cannot find my way.

Where is the illumination called education?

Where is my government, my allies,

who take donations,

but will not help me?

Where is the church and its minions,

who want money and time and count

souls as trophies?

My future is up to them?

No, no way. I will not let this happen.

To all, I say, even a beggar’s lantern

can make light.

Be bold, be brave!

Let us join together, united, unafraid, and

brighten the darkened corners of night.

 By Ruth A. Souther

This poem won 2nd place in a contest sponsored by the local Springfield, Illinois NOW, 1992.

Crazy Quilt

He dies, each day.

The sun in the corners of my world,

now gaunt, eyes vacant, eaten alive

by this plague.

Oh, god, the pain.

We were happy with everyday dreams,

then left with no faith, drained of hope

by this plague.

Don’t go, I beg.

A faint smile was all he could muster,

no words were spoken as he was taken

by this plague.

My life, my heart.

My love is no more than a small square,

a tiny piece of a crazy quilt made possible

by this plague.

By Ruth A. Souther - 1991

Shoes For A Goose

Dress the dog in doll clothes,

cradle the cat in a carriage,

go ahead, bury your head like an ostrich.

Insulate, isolate, idealize,

go ahead, stay in that weary world.

Try to fit shoes on a goose,

go ahead, what do you have to lose?

Poverty, war and hatred

says every paper.

Whispers in the night confirm

you are right.

Go ahead, still do not listen even though the

hundredth monkey calls.

Go ahead, hesitate.

Turn away.

By Ruth A. Souther - 1993

Year Of Guilt

Gave up red meat
Turned down the heat
Volunteered for charity
Gave with responsibility,
I did what I could.

Murder of the rain forests
Little children are the poorest
Women beaten and abused
Elderly who always lose,
I will do what I can.

Toxic waste and nuclear arms
Hatred and AIDS alarm
Poverty, discrimination,
Rationalization and retaliation,
I am afraid it will not stop.

Save the earth, give hope new birth
Common sense, give peace a chance
Have a conscience, look around
Pay attention, take baby steps,
Help me make a difference.

By Ruth A. Souther - 1991

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Ruth Souther, Author of the Immortal Journey series